Saturday, July 03, 2004


oh my! After opening my blog twice everyday and getting disheartened everytime seeing not 1 comment, im doing flipflops in the air now after receiving a mail from my old prof. She READ my posts, SENT her poems for MY perusal, and also GAVE SUGGESTIONS for posts!
heres a stanza from a poem she sent me..

The touch, the smell and the sound
You talk about…
Let me tell you…
I have lost the fragrance in it and for me
For days to come…
Unless you are the moon
Or hold the sky….

- Sashikala Gurpur-Murphy.

I quoted this particular stanza because I identify with it, with the concept. Let me see how id write it if i wanted to express the same idea...

I wish your touch would send shivers
running down my spine
Leave quivers across my lips and
fingertips tingling as they leave your skin.

I dream an aching dream where
i sink in your musky fragrance
and your face looks a thousand times better.

In hazy afternoons, as my eyes swim drunkenly,
they weave a simple design- you hold up the sky
and im ur blissful slave, you are the moon
as I look up.

Afternoons are brief,
long are hot summer nights
when the real you
is bearing down on me,
rushing breath in my ear,
sticky fingers in my hair,
your gaze melting the man in my eyes
as I look up at you

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Viralfish said...

Hi. In read your poetry. Its really fascinating, i loved it. Especially the found poetry. i must try that sometime. By the way, who is this? email me at