Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Pretty enjoyable, most of your work seem to stem entirely from yourself and your experiences (just an observation). I keep seeing you, as i read what you've written. I know you won't post whatever u wrote before, but is there any chance you might publish some of your old work ?

- 362

P.S Kings of all the possible brands ?

WELL, since my mysterious friend 362 and another friend requested old works of moi, im seriously considering obliging. ill do that once i know where im going with my story. coz that decision is vital to acknowledging whether i can move on and write more for the rest of my life... or if i should give up...

anyways, heres my own analysis of the 700 words.

1) plot. theres no progressive action (actually its still to early. only 700 words. so ill let that be).
2) Mono character. Mono lougue. no dialogue. no spoken words. just narrative. a trifle tiresome.
3) no colour in descriptions. VITAL VITAL VITAL IS COLOUR.
4) lugubrious sentiments for a young woman, and a little too judgemental and assfaced to be likable. (but thats the character's characteristics!!!!!)
5) too much mindscape description. actually thats ok, but theres too little landscape description. read stephen king to find balance.

aside- is 362's remark about seeing too much of the writer in her works a snide comment? well author is forced to acknowledge that the same thought has been nagging her since the time she started to write. Author finds herself incapable of dreaming up characterisations alien to her nature. Which is why she has stuck to confessional poetry till now. Well.... the 700 words is a start of something fictional... if one doesnt consider the author's brilliant story for 7 yr olds called "Woof and Poof". and about the kings.... well that bit is definitely fiction coz author has changed brands very often and doesnt smoke kings currently. and author wishes to remind snooty yuppie NY friend 362 that this is bharatmahan where kings is no.1 brand.


Anonymous said...

Well for starters, that comment wasn't meant to be a snide remark. It was just an observation, I rather like seeing you when reading stuff that you've written. Tho' I can't for the love of God remember when u've taken an auto. All i can remember is a green lil' scooty.

About your analysis,

I think it's been a good start to your story, and it clearly doesn't lack color. The color may be a bit drab and dull, but that's the tone and that's not necessarily "unenjoyable". The only other negative that you've pointed out is the scarcity of landscape description. I think you've got enough of it in there, (in the first 741 words) and too many writers use it to escape doing what you seem to do so well i.e. mindscape description.

- your friendly yuppy snooty friend.

P.S Long live the King.

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thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say