Tuesday, July 20, 2004


wrote some analysis of the next edition of my story myself (coz no one else would) but it vanished mysteriously before i could post it.
it more or less goes like
"Why didnt she feel thrilled to the tips of her toes on seeing him, why didnt her heart flutter like a butterfly when she saw him smile and wave and quicken his steps towards her? Where has all the romance gone to? "
- i dont know what its supposed to sounds like, but sounds gaudy and millsandboonish. and that ist nicht gut.
"After half an hour, when she had eaten the dinner her mother had made in her destined career as a cook and maid for her busy husband and unsympathetic daughter (She could count on one hand the times that the daughter hadn't frowned after one glance at the dining table) she felt things could be worse. "
- whew!! tiresome. cut it short, woman!!!
thats enough. now to answer mr kanjus unnikrishnan, if u click on the title of the post below (Published writers...) , it will take you to the site where your book "Coffee stains on camel tea cup" is showcased. so that makes you a published writer full of fart (just like sharat, not the published bit, the other bit) and u still havent sent the whole story.
and, btw, he gave me ur name and the link for ur book voluntarily long ago, but i didnt think u were the same person and author till last night. So you can now with a free copnscience go play with his t... whatever..

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Anonymous said...

I refer to ur latest discharge of plebian verbiage;in which,u have proven,that there is no such thing as unutterable nonsense.Try learning elementary grammar before trying to inflict your next literary abomination.Reading your blog makes blindness a wonderful thing to look forward to.No doubt your life is so dull,that u can actually write your diary 1 week in advance.why dont u shrink your brain and use it as a paperweight.