Saturday, July 31, 2004

Eine Woche dans l'hopital.

My dad had a heart attack , and i was pretty much in the hospital for a week, except to come home to sleep and take my mom clothes and stuff. Now that he's back home and well, I can look back and retrospect. Actually, it was fun, this last week. I met so many of my relatives after some 6-7 years... and literally EVERYONE had come coz my dad is very liked and he's the last person anyone would expect to fall sick. I discovered that i actually liked one aunt and uncle and a couple of my cousins, and these stayed with me the whole time, and we spent many happy hours bitching, fooling around and making my mom laugh. And yeah, now I know Apollo like the back of my hand, and all the parking attendants are my friends and so are the cafeteria guys and now i have many short story ideas, so im gonna give everything to finish the first one tonight.
ps - pardon my franzoideutsch, or allemancais. i ve forgotten all my french, and am not very profiecient yet in german either, hence the mix up.

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