Monday, July 19, 2004

Published writers shouldnt sound depressed

kanjus unnikrishnan, send me the whole story.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant; that rascal mutual friend of ours has disclosed my name. Perhaps instead of working for a bank, he should quit and join the secret service. I am curious, though: How long did it take for him to crack? Did he break the world record? It just goes to show you the best spies - the trustworthy ones at least (what an oxymoron!) - in the world are meant to be women; I do hope Mr. I-Wont-Tell-A-Soul-Even-If-They-play-Ping-Pong-With-My-Testicles reads this.
I must say, Anita: Kanjus sounds so much better than my first name; indeed - it even rhymes with screw-loose. I can see it now: Kanjus Unnikrishnan - the new find of writerdom! Maybe in Europe they might call me "Canned-juice"?
By the way, I 'did' send you the whole story - if you can call it that; it was the prologue.

Published writer! Me? That's funny; I have had more "What are you trying to say?" to rejection slips than I could count; and as far as sounding depressive is concerned: I knew that potato and orange-juice diet would lead to no good.