Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wah Wah Wah

I won't lie, I was asked by a friend to read your fledgling short story, and comment on the same;............
.......without being asked to shut shop.I could swear I hear the world crying, "Please!Mercy."

(the full comment is the second one under the post titled "lernen deutsche bitte')

oh man, i didnt understand half the stuff Mr Anonymous wrote. well, pls do tell me who you are. one thing i did understand is that.... i thought i was cynical... Mr Anonymous is grandfather of cynicism.

Anyways , i dont agree with u that my posts make better reading than the story. but i do agree with the let the pen fly thingy. anyways, im going to namma uuru bengaluuru tomorrow early in the morning, so i shall stop here, and continue when i get back on monday.

pls do send me something uve written Mr Anonymous. I promise i won't comment on it.

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