Monday, July 05, 2004


friend of mine said she really wanted to leave a comment on the blog, but didnt coz she didnt think she could say anything intellectual to suit the blog!!! Brrrrrrrr..... what can I say?
Poetry is not intimidating. Shouldnt be intimidating
AND EVEN SHAKESPEARE WAS NO 1 on the bestseller list in his times coz he wrote SLAPSTICK. which we now consider as great art.

oh yeah, i have to mention something soothingly mundane to bring the blog down from the branches. I got 2nd best marks in german class in the first test of my course. yaaay... i got 89 on 100 and was taken aback to to learn that the paavam dude who never opened his mouth in class got 98/100. i mean... its a language for chrissakes. how can anyone get 98 in it? then i learnt he's an iitan. ah ha, alle ist clair now. i used be friends with some iitans myself. about 10 of them. all of them wrote GRE and all of them knew the meaning of EVERY SINGLE WORD in the vocab list. and i can guarantee that the GRE vocab list is a deadly monster developed in secret labs under the desert sands in Nevada, USA by the govt of USA to leech out the braincells of all smart 3rd world kids.

anyways, iitians dont belong to the earth. 8 of the 10 ppl i knew got something like 3390/3400 or something like that in their GRE. sheeeesh!
anyways, i topped among the non iitans in class. he he

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