Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Foundlin Poetry

>Another modern form of poetry is Found Poetry. It is composed of text found by the poet in signs, grocery store aisles, overheard conversations, or advertising. If you are in an environment where there is little textual material you may be severely limited in producing found poetry. Our environments are generally so rich in such material that it is fairly easy to write.<
My attempt right away is as follows:

Document wordpad
the best of bob dylan
JVC the new touch keyboard
interact in english malaysia
calendar 1996
panasonic Dax Eminem
Casio Senorita's Supreme
Polyester Saree Falls
Baby wax matches
B E Happy V Vallabhan
Srinivasamoorthy avenue
moment mal! Lehrwerk fur
Deutsch als Fremdsprache

(Well all this is all that I can 'find' in this 10*10 room at 11.53 in the night)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like annie has taken mercy on less poetically inclined people like me and put in this poem. I guess now even i can start to write poems and find the poet in me thnx to found poetry.