Monday, June 28, 2004


WOW! This article is very enlightening and very entertaining!
why woudn't it be? The subject is bikini wax!!

I remember in Manipal, the friendly neighbourhood beauty parlour akka telling me once in hushed horrified tones how this one girl walked into her shop and asked if she would wax her.... there....!!!
I suggested that she hire studs for the job and said that they wouldnt even demand to be paid.., even suggested a couple of guys i knew for the job. ofcourse, she thought i was kidding.

Also, my friend prabha mohan (who was soon to be getting married) and I searched the whole of banglore onve to find a parlour that ll do the deed. but no, neint, non, zilch, nay. nothing. so we settle on ready made cold wax strips, that i tried (lucky mohan didnt) and regretted immensely. shall not go into gory details keeping in mind reader discernment (yeah right!).

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Anonymous said...

Dear Redpolkachaddipeter,

Please type out your old poems.

One other thing. This is a comment from the lady who owns the beauty parlour close to mit, manipal

(miss.polkachaddi, unfortunately it has nothing to with bikini wax.)

One day, she said her husband was a "cooker" and then the next time i met her she said "You know, i had to quit my previous job because I had to go to my village to sell my mother's land along with my husband... and my boss didnt like that"

Lots of love

ps: good job with the blog madam. im proud of you.