Tuesday, June 22, 2004


When i sit to write, i instantly feel a heavy sort of weight descend quietly on my shoulders. I've been suffering (read really suffering) from a writer's block the last 2 years. long time. a promising ass-kicking career crushed, even before it began.

Now Im faced with the great difficulty of finding a subject thats easy to write about. Coz I usually have deep and varied thoughts about everything, thoughts that are so fantastic and flighty and flitty that they are impossible to pen down, what with this stupid block thats almost like a physical handicap.

Like for example, as Im writing whatever im writing now, my mind identifies each half-second, atleast 2-3 better ways of saying the same thing im saying (metaphors, similies, allusions, choice of words etc), but i actively disregard all but the easiest, most mundane, most simple, most untaxing way to express myself. Coz the pressure on the part of my brain that nourishes the writer becomes almost a physical pain if I tax it too much.

So now Im kind of coming to a decision on how to break this curse. I'll start writing whatever happens everyday, since the time i wake up. that should be easy, cant put too much pressure on the creative part of the brain. Then slowly, Ill get more comfortable with writing and words and the flow of ideas and their conversion into words, then I can get a grip on myself and start to really write.

Whew, even writing all this has taken a lot of wind from me. Im exhausted! So in the next post, Im going describe my daily activities starting today.

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Rohit Jayakaran said...

Interesting how you write about not writing...now get your arse down to writing down your thoughts...or I will personally start a rival blog in the comments section of your Red Chaddi.