Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sogamana Sonnet no. 2 - The Bardess in Distress

When love hurts, time is a gleeful torturer
Every waking hour, every waiting moment piles
On this my heart as a shroud in a funearal pyre
As staring phantom in my mirror mockingly smiles
Oh my heart but breaks like brittle glass
The shards rupturing the soft insides every time
I look up at a shadow that might by me pass
And that is not you, not you, my temples chime
Molten wax moulds my eyeballs hardening fast
As I try not to blink for fear of missing you
The tortuter time in slow motion slinks past
My lips parched, wither, smiles being few
Without love, they say, life isn't worth living
Without you, this blessed love is my life force draining


Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,
I read the bardess in distress right after i read this poem by valerie dawn keller. It is nothing at all like your poem. It is just that I thought it was another appealing variation to your style of writing and I thought you should read it too. :-)

The sweet, rustic smell of the rain,
Fills my nose, my head, and my brain.
The springtime showers soak my dress,
and toes tingle with a grassy caress.
The beauty of this day is lost to me.
As the deaf man hears not the melody.
For all Nature's wonders seem so dim,
When I am here, standing next to him.

- Valerie Dawn Keller -

You have an exceptional panache for expressing your sentiments. The most gifted and enviable characteristic of yours seems to be your distinctiveness in the way you even feel certain emotions. It must work to your advantage not only if you want to pursue writing as your career but also if you want to really live and soak in every sensation that pervades your mind so passionately and intensely. I look forward to a lot more of your poems.

I like your last two lines.

Loads of Love

Rohit Jayakaran said...

Dear Polka...(although I do not think that will ever grow on me...),

I must say I am impressed...maybe not impressed that you are so good at what you do...becuase I always thought you were...but I am rather impressed by the energy your blog shows. There is a lot of work going into this...and I can but say that I missed out on something by not checking your blog everyday. You however have run me through all that you have posted in your blog over the phone or over coffee.

Just remember keep up the good work...becuase I have some poems of yours and I am sure they will be worth a lot of money in a few ...anita...please work you butt off to become a published writer...and then I can sell that suff for a lot of money...what say???


Anonymous said...

You know me..manoj here. I spent time going through your blog and its contents. I enjoyed reading two of the sonnets that u posted. Doesnt mean that i didnt like the others. They are wonderful. I have always enjoyed your writing. And many ppl do. What you also proactively need to do is let as many ppl know abt ur site. Rohit is also right in saying that a lot of work seems to have gone into ur blog. Keep it up. Also post all your previous work if u havent posted them already.

When will we get to see some of your art work here?