Saturday, August 21, 2004


To love it seems is making an appointment
Not of heart but of the head is made
Has grey hair outgrown the age of sentiment
That which young lovers seek and old forbade
When passion comes knocking hard at your door
You do but chide and send it away scampering
Like a naughty child's prank father can stand no more
So to bed without supper, banished whimpering
While I, in my youth's passion, have no eyes but for thee
Keep them closed against sight drowning senseless
While you kiss with eyes open, shut only to me
Searching for voyeurs as dignity and propriety press
Emptying my entire day, I await an embrace from you
That would steal away caution and let us love anew

You think? Think again, and read again. Hasn't it redpolka stamped all over it??
So Polka stands up and takes a bow! For her first attempt at a sonnet.
(applause applause applause) Thank you ....Thankyou..... (sob) Im overwhelmed by your appreciation. (sob) NO NO NO... I surely can't accept this... NO not even as a token of PURE appreciation... NO surely not a diamond!! (faint)

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