Thursday, August 12, 2004


'As you sow, so you reap', goes the old saying. But in this world of pragmatic brutality, where sensitivity is deemed senseless and false pride and ruthless greed rule the roost, are the people punished for their sins in time? The answer to this question is complicated, ambiguous and paradoxical. Yet, it is quite true and right. People get punished for their sins but they don't feel the punishment. In the course of their continued actions of immorality, their skins have turned thick, their set of values non-existent, morals-killed, Regrets- none. Teh punishment is no longer a punishment to them; it is a part payment or let us say, a small inconvenience to be sustained for winning the mega booty. This is only one way of looking at the scenario; no only a part of the scenario. The whole system of unethical acts, their fruits and resulting liable punishements run on a much wider, deeper, more massive scale. The acts are like numerous branches of a big tree, the cause being the desire to obtain exotically flavoured, different sized types of fruits, invariably juicy ones, resulting punishments a variety of insects, birds and bees pecking at the fruit but the root causes remaining the same for all - erosion of values, corrosion of attitudes and an over-whelming mind boggling greediness. The stick in the colossal neck of the rapidly depleting morality is that these people believe fiercely and resolvedly that their cause is justified interms of their wants, in their own perverted, twistedly strait-jacketed way. Nothing can shake them. Not even punishments. To cite an example...........

- I wrote this 03. 01.98. Got my old stuff out today to get inspiration, and saw this. Funniest piece I've read in a long while. Didn't get any inspiration though. Wondering whether I should post more of my real old stuff, that make me either cringe with embarassment or laugh out loud now.

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Was gonna post a comment about how I thought this was a fairly good piece...but since you insist on branding it as a "laughable"'s a "haha" for your effort!!!