Friday, September 03, 2004


When I imagine you in someone else's arms
this heart shivers like a wet puppy in the rain
Looking for a fireplace in the night that warms
a shelter from icy blasts of memory, but in vain
Real or imagined, the very thought of another with you
Mowes my spring lawn, tearing fragrant grass to bits
unrelenting teeth do, my heart felt desires undo
plunging it in a deep chasm that only darkness emits
I wonder with a pang what charms she might posess
surely dark and sinister binding you to her will
when your back is turned all sweetness undress
and her true face reveal gloating evil
But in the dead night soft angel she must be
Or wouldnt you rather be here beside me?


Rohit Jayakaran said...

Nice one anita...i love the way your words describe the pain. how many more to go to dethrown the Bard himself.

Anonymous said...

me me me ... also likey shakespeare .... too difficult to sign in ...sorry ...