Wednesday, October 06, 2004

India Poems No 1

Travelling in a crowded bus

We almost miss it you know
The bus arrives in a huff and leaves in a puff
Storming in, slowing down, barely stopping
You have to hop to it and amble up
Nimbly, even if you’re ninety five

You’re lucky if you get a window seat
But any seat will do
Just cover your nose
Sweaty bodies have sweaty armpits
That rise like an inner sanctum over your face
Blessing you in whiffs of stale despair

But we usually go standing
Palms slipping on greasy rails
Bums swaying over potholes and speed bumps
Lechers rubbing themselves on us
Unsuspecting schoolgirls, honourable matrons
Even crummy old fishwives
Lechers are usually undiscriminating diplomats
They tell you politely to take an auto
If you have a problem with their rubbing

You are extremely lucky if you get to
The steps in time to get off the bus at your stop
It’s like swimming against the current in
A wild choppy sea in the middle of winter
With grinning sharks jostling by
And with no clothes on

And it’s no small achievement to get off
The bus and land on your feet without stumbling once
You might wish you’d taken an auto
But wait till I tell you what that’d be like.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!We're all refreshed and challenged by your your unique point of view,you ridiculous little carnival freak.I believe noone would ever politely ask u to take an auto.You would be told to get the fuck out of the bus before they kick you out.If ignorance were a disability,you'd get the full pension.Lechers huh?I think lechers would rather rub against skunks affected with chronic rabies than think about u.It would make them flinch with revulsion at the grisly thought of rubbing against aids affected douchebags like you.I think you should atleast now be able to comprehend the fact that the stench which emerges once you get in to the bus comes from none other than you and you can smell it coz it gets concentrated a million times in the bus.I think the ozone layer would get depleted in a matter of picoseconds if you were to get on a plane(I am considering the highly unlikely possibility that the plane actually took off with you on it).How long has it been since you had a bath?window seats indeed!The venerable 'lechers' give up their seats to lepers like you,stand on the footboard risking their lives and what do they get in return?complaints and grumbles.I think its really amazing how the woman clan can grumble and find fault with everything.Do the 'lechers 'tell u to stand up when you sit on their seats.i think i got it now.The lechers you are talking about are the women in the bus.I suppose you are a lesbian."We usually go standing"lmaoooooooooooo....Thats really the knockout line rotflmao......When god must have been handing out personalities,you must have been holding the door.Y

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!You have just proved the theory that there is no limit to the stupidity of women(as revealed by your desperate urge to babble nonsensically on blogs).You should offer your posting style to hospital operating theatres as a highly-effective alternative to unconsciousness-inducing medications..Your blog is an inspiration to botched lobotomy patients all over the world.In future,wake up the dozy peglegged hamster operating that wheel-powered brain of yours before you start typing.If wit were spit,your mouth would be drier than a shallow well in an African heatwave.Now if you care to apologize for wasting my shamefully wasted time I'll consider accepting it.Its truly amazing the way you never let an idea interrupt the flow of yur typing,but then,making sense isn't your area of expertise,is it?I think women like you turn men in to misogynists.Still laughing on "we usually go standing" fomc..................................................
Your friend
PS I posted the previous two comments too and i hope it helps you write in a language which I can comprehend coz i dont understand retardese my dear leper

Anonymous said...

This is not the situation in India currently. I was totally worried about your blog, so not send such messages to prove your writing skill to the world. How can a girl from India use such an language..