Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More publications/prizes

Well well, Poetry! Who would have thought. I wrote and sent a few poems off last year, and won a prize which means my first book, a collection of poems, will be coming out this year.

Also cannibalised a chapter from the defeated first novel for the Asham short story award. Here is the hooray-inducing result:

Watch this space for release details of my first poetry collection from Ravenglass Press.


Sarang said...

Anitaaaaaaaaa Congratulations!Wie geht's!

The Unadulterated Cat said...

Thanks. How are you? Where and what are you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anita..

Congratulations..& Celebrations....
old dairy milk Jingle...

"Dhool- Kalapita polla"
"Booker Catukku - Booker Foundation kitta irundu prize polla..."

enjoy...have a nice time...keep up the gud work...

better to be anonymous...yarunu sonnalum thittu..sollanallum thitu..