Friday, December 30, 2005


Syncope – loss of sound, consciousness
Oneiric - suggestive of dreams
Chasubles – preist’s robes
Roiled - turbulent
Ineffable – indescribable, overwhelming
Parquet – wooden floor
Linden – tree with fragrant leaves

I shall read Nabakov with help of a dictionary, then my life will be enriched like the post-composted university lawns


Viralfish said...

God this park ranger guy is pissing off. He's landed up on my blogs too. Nabokov actually quite interesting. But there seems to be a trend of depression amongst these east european/russian authors/philosophers. any explanations? perhaps someone's written a paper on it.

The Unadulterated Cat said...

probably something to do with their political history.. tyranny of monarchy followed by tyranny of communism, two world wars, cold war, blah de blah.. i think mainly its coz of communism, when for so many years, freedom of expression was squashed.. though im talking in huge sweeps, the point is, when one is not truly free, whats the point of being clever? and if one is clever, then one can easily perceive how miserable such life can make u right? hence the sadness?