Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I've never had a toothache before in my life. I have it now. It's not pretty. I also have a monstrous cold moving in like monsoon clouds. Heavy, with the flashes and chills and wind factor. The works.

Joined posh gym today. The first time in my life. Insane. Can't afford it; but convinced myself that I deserve to spend the money I saved by not attending graduation ceremonies by splurging on something luxurious, as well as beneficial. Loved the treadmill. Revelled in steam room, sauna and jacuzzi, hoped steam room will flush out all the viruses, but they've come back with full vengance now. Will go again tomorrow and stay in steam room till I feel the mocrobes boiling.

Now have to buy posh track suit to wear in posh gym, and posh two piece swimwear. Eurrgh. Upside - Theres a free fruit basket from which I can grab lotsa fruit, but attendees always looking; so will restrict myself to one/two. Damn.

Felt stupid when during induction, instructor had attitude that said, you little rich foreigner, you're never gonna use all the equipment here, you're just wasting my time. And I didn't have any intelligent questions to ask. Dabbled with cross trainer but forgot how to set it, so pretended to exercise diligently for 10 minutes whilst watching a rather dumb cartoon show on the mounted TV.

Tomorrow treadmill half hour. Row boat thing - 15 minutes. Steam and Sauna 10 mins each and jacuzzi 10 minutes. Havta get money's worth. Oh yes, 2 fruits.

woe this toothache and cold. can't afford bloody dentist.


Viralfish said...

hello catgirl... Was going over your new blog. It is new, yes? Doesn't it feel helplessly decadently foolishly anarchic in a way, spattering random prose into cyberspace, to be viewed by a few random people, hoping (heart of hearts, lets admit it, we all hope) to find a connection... Bit like a message in a bottle for the digital age. Yes, I have very similar issues with gyms. worse, in fact. Most of the time, the instructor looks at me like i'm going to destroy the damn thing... Ah well. And so it goes. Calendar.;)

Viralfish said...

I also like the (implied) metaphor in the title assuming i've got it right. Are you a pratchett fan, or did you just like the idea of this title?

The Unadulterated Cat said...

It is the same old blog; rehauled.
Message in a bottle yes, and YOU are a connection I found in blogdom. lemme see, your earlier entries.. starting with Aarusamy review (I loved the movie).
I wanted a frog title, was searching wiki for info and scientific names of frogs when i saw this bit, and it fits. what metaphor you mean? me that cat unadulterated? wish.
calendar; its out. will email naked pics.

Bad companion said...

Guess you shouldn't go to the gym alone... May be you could take one of your plump college mates along. It would definitely make you feel good. working out alone is always boring.. Guess you are badly in need of some company.... thats your misery.