Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, well. Never mind the novels, the first one that is sleeping in the dusty cupboard, and the new one which is sitting at the desk, half hanging out of my head.

My short stories are getting about in the world.
First, last year, 'Bhai and the Manager' was published in Riptide Volume 4
Second, this year, 'Kite Season' a story from my MA submission, is shortlisted for the Riptide Short Story Competition, and will be published in Volume 6

check out http://www.riptidejournal.co.uk/


Vidya said...

I saw your poetry on Ultraviolet. So very lovely - 'My Never Naked Mother' resonated with me strongly. I look forward to browsing through your work.:)

The Unadulterated Cat said...

Thanks Vidya. I just discovered Ultraviolet. It's fantastic! Feels like home!

Kk said...

Another fan of your poems posted on Ultraviolet here. I'd love to read more, I would!

The Unadulterated Cat said...

Thanks Kk. I'm submitting all new (and good) poems to journals. Unfortunately, they won't accept even if they are published on a blog. Happy to send thru email though!
- love ur blog.

Anonymous said...

Read your poems in Ultra Violet…
Imagination +
Originality +
Style +
But your views ------ugly…..
It could have been beautiful… if you could make the reader smile….
Pls change your perspective of the world… you seem to be a lost soul….
Just two questions for you…
1) Why couldn’t your mom think good about you… will your child think the same way about you like you thought about your mom.. or will your child too think that his granny’s view were correct.
2) Why can’t you see the beautiful soul…the very essence of being human…the real feminist in the first doctor.

Find answers … ----------

From someone who is really concerned….about a beautiful mind…pls stop rotting

Maryam Piracha said...
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