Saturday, March 18, 2006

the mere bones

What do I need to write here…
Story 1
Aspiring model meets with horrid middle man..
Gap toothed..peanut crunching
Ciggie smoke blowing
Modern coffee shop
Funny ashtray; looks like a misshapen pot.
Talks of lingerie ads coming up.. tirupur
Movie.. how simran was introduced by him
Music video…
Bhavesh bhai..meeting in his car…
Picks her up.. unhappy with her conservative clothes and no/little-makeup
Bhai and her in car… talk talk… clean rich teeth and hair…
Talks of being friends.. friendly advice- never do lingerie ads- u say yes means u willing to sleep with them..
Drives all around bang; wanting to be friends, wanting promise of meeting again..
Drops her off…

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